Cooking for Domestics

The joy of teaching is unbelievably rewarding.

By learning about kitchen safety, planning menus, selecting ingredients and preparing meals, domestic workers can have a huge impact on the health and happiness of the families they work for.  Learning how to cook well, will also improve their well-being and attitude.

Some helpers already have a wealth of food preparation experience and skill.  However, they may not be as familiar with specific food types that you enjoy,  or would like to learn more about baking or advanced cooking topics.

Beginners classes:
Hygiene, safety and knife skills
Chicken a la king
Durban curry
Roast Chicken

Intermediate Classes include:
Hygiene, safety and knife skills
Fundamentals of eggs
Pasta making
Bread baking

Advanced Classes include:
Hygiene, safety and knife skills
Salmon Starter
FIllet Mignon
Créme Brulée
Snack platters

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